323 Sports Client Portal

323 Sports offers services in the team sports uniform industry. They coordinate with customers to deliver custom uniforms that meet their needs.


323 Sports coordinates with their customers to deliver custom branded sports apparel. They tasked me with designing and implementing a portal to allow customers to view their orders and to add tools to help with fulfillment.

The main goals on this project were:

  • Integrate with QuickBooks to sync order information generated by the sales team.
  • Give customers the ability to view, approve, track, and pay for orders online.
  • Reduce amount of time preparing and fulfilling orders.

My Role

I took on the roles of Product Vision, Branding, UI & UX, front-end web development, and devops on this project. I brought in a few different back-end devs to work on the server-side things that needed to be done.


Web Typography: H1, H2, H3, and Paragraph

Colors & Iconography

Web Typography: H1, H2, H3, and Paragraph

Site Design

My goal for this page was primarily to put only the things that a client needs to take action on in the forefront. Our prelimilary research uncovered that users had two main actions to take from this page: (1) approving estimates and (2) paying invoices. We also give them some helpful stats at the top as callouts.

Site Design: main client landing page

The staff portion of the site gives my client the ability to manage in progress estimates and invoices. This portal has drastically improved their efficiency of processing orders. This was challenging as it needed to work in concert with their existing QuickBooks workflows.

Site Design: main staff landing page

Tracking orders is seamless for both my client and their customers. The site keeps users up to date on changes as well as coordinates between the product manufacturers and 323 Sports to make sure tracking numbers are promptly updated.

Site Design: invoice view

Managing site settings is also easy.

Site Design: settings page

Mobile Site Design

The entire portal is also accessible on mobile and has seen over 50% use. This allows customers to quickly approve estimates on their phone wherever they are!

Mobile Site Design


This project has been a great success for 323 Sports, allowing them to expand their ordering capacity by over 30% without hiring any additional staff members. Customer feedback has also been very positive, with nearly everyone invited to join the portal using it actively.

I am still in progress of adding features to this portal to continue to solve problems for 323 Sports in the best way I can.