Frontline Mobile - Insights

Insights for K12 Administrators on the go

The Project

As a platform for school districts HR needs, we have a lot of data that can be very useful for district administrators at Frontline Education. However, in the past it was very difficult for administrators to see any of the data in a useful way.

We had previously provided a way to see some key metrics on desktop, but there was also a need for a mobile view of these metrics. I worked with a few product managers and the mobile development team to build these metrics into the mobile app.

Search is important for finding elements quickly


Because this project had been tackled before on desktop (and I had worked on that project as well), I had a good initial understanding of the needs we were serving. However, presenting these metrics on mobile presented some unique challenges:

  1. Metrics need to be quickly digestible on the go,
  2. Users must be able to see an overview statistic, but dive deeper if they would like,
  3. We need to give administrators advice about the metrics they are seeing.

I partnered with our research team to get a better understanding of what our users expected when presented with these key metrics on mobile. We found that people reacted well to "progressive disclosure" techniques as well as simple visuals and charts. Users were adverse to data heavy screens and extensive filtering (at least at the first level)

Using wireframes, live design sessions, and some flowcharts, I worked with a product manager and dev team to refine the designs and make sure we had the data we needed to produce each screen.

Wireframes for the main dashboard of insights.
Metrics dive view wireframe
Flowchart of some initial jumping-in points and navigation.

High Fidelity Designs

I designed a number of the base charts early in the process to allow the dev team to get a head start on building the custom charts.

Widget Design and States.
Widget loading animation.

Communicating loading states, error states, empty states, and more to development was key to making the charts be most functional in all situations.

Lots of iteration on widgets and ideas.
Don't worry, there was also a dark mode option.
These designs also needed to work seamlessly on iPad.


After a lot of hard work and patience, we were able to push a first version of this insights dashboard on mobile. We have had good response even though we weren't able to add all of the notification features we wanted. For future, my goals for improvement are pushing notifications and insights to admins and making the charts even more interactive and insightful.