Mobile Invoicing Exploration

This project is some exploratory work I did for a client to help improve their ability to create invoices on mobile. It also dealt with improving the customer payment experience.

Mobile Invoicing Dashboard for Clients

My client already had a basic HTML responsive website in place for clients to view estimates. However they wanted to see what improvements could be made.

I wanted to allow their sales people to easily create invoices on the go as that was not previously possible.

Creating an invoice

Additinally, we wanted to create a seamless payment experience for mobile customers. This includes integrating with Apple Pay (and other mobile payment options) as well as allowing customers to quickly apply any credit they have on their account directly to invoices.

Paying for an invoice

I'm excited about the possiblities that this project will bring. We have not begun active development on this yet, but I will be doing the rest of the design, as well as parts of the coding.